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Thread: Aly & Fila ???

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    Aly & Fila ???

    hey everybody , i'm new here , would like to ask about Aly & Fila , where can i find their tracks ?? either to listen or download , tracks such eye of horus & kepera , thank u in advance

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    Hey there hishamadel!

    For sure youcan listen to their tracks on their myspace,

    You can always tune to their weekly radioshow Future Sound of Egypt. Every Monday on
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    welcome to afterhours! have fun here!

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    Here other track
    YouTube - Aly & Fila - Eye of Horus (Original Mix)

    Beatport good place for buy dance music.
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    There is also i use it very often for trance/prog tracks.

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    Welcome to AH!

    you can download there hour 3YAC set here

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    they have a show every week on the 1st friday of each month right here on

    Aly & Fila are the best producers in trance at the moment for me..

    if these links get removed due to against the rules, sorry i dont know them, then please pm me for them

    Deposit Files

    Deposit Files

    Deposit Files

    Deposit Files

    these are actual sets not individual tunes
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