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Thread: Leon Bolier - StreamLined 2009 - Buenos Aires

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    Leon Bolier - StreamLined 2009 - Buenos Aires

    Official Press Release:

    Title: Streamlined 2009 – Buenos Aires
    Artist: Leon Bolier
    Release date: 15th of June 2009
    Cat nr: 2PLAYCD002

    June the 15th will see Leon Bolier unleash his new compilation album maneuver. After a huge run of gigs, which has seen him take his ‘trance with a twist’ message right around the planet, ‘Streamlined’ presents the ultimate showcase of his highly-sought-after, singularly unique sound. Subtitled ‘Buenos Aires 2009’, the album draws much of its inspiration from Leon’s South American tour, which went off to packed clubs in March of this year.

    The double CD, released through Dutch heavyweight Spinnin’, includes an embarrassment of musical riches, including Leon’s brand new killer cuts ‘St Kilda’ ‘Medellin’ and ‘Lunar Diamond’. Also on-board is the forthcoming single ‘This’, which features the striking new vocal talent, Floria Ambra. As with ‘Pictures’, Leon’s 2008 debut artist album, ‘Streamlined’ also brings with it a range of new music from fellow Dutch electronic music talents. Prepare to hear white-hot new & exclusive music from Cliff Coenraad, Joop and Jan Oostdyk! Disc 2 kicks off with ‘Last Light Tonight’, Leon’s already-much-talked-about reteaming with Menno de Jong. It progresses though an arsenal of tracks that Leon will be championing at this summer’s festivals and gigs, including Airbase’s ‘Interfere’, Breakfast’s ‘Remember’ and Kyamoto ‘One Moment Of Thought’.

    On completing the mix of ‘Streamlined 2009’, Leon said: A lot happened since I mixed the first CD of the Trancemission series early 2008. I released my first artist album, got featured in the DJ Mag top 100 of 2008 and played more great gigs around the globe. The warmth and enthusiasm that the people attending my gigs showed combined with everything that happened over the past year made me want to release my first solo DJ compilation album, showcasing a deeper sound on the first CD and a more uplifting festival vibe on the second one. I was working on the track list for this CD while I was in Buenos Aires, spending some time between gigs in Latin America. I had an amazing time there, therefore I would like to dedicate this CD to Buenos Aires!

    You can check the Official Promo Trailer for Streamlined 2009 Buenos Aires now by clicking here: YouTube - Streamlined 2009 - Buenos Aires exclusive tracks preview.


    1. Opuswerk – Sechs
    2. Leon Bolier – St. Kilda
    3. Heinrich Von Baum – Urug
    4. Richard & Moore – Nevada
    5. Rene Rodriguez – Hey What’s Up (Barnes & Heatcliff Dub Remix)
    6. Chantola – More Senses (Storyteller Remix)
    7. Poze – B.I.N.K
    8. Fluxx & Lola – Romance (Max Moroldo Vs. Paul Luke Reloaded Mix)
    9. Smartminds – Two Way Street
    10. Museartic – Losing Touch
    11. Cliff Coenraad – Gone South (Leon Bolier Remix)
    12. Joop – Pradera (Jules & Jazper Remix)
    13. Leon Bolier – Beyrouth (Club Mix)

    1. Menno De Jong & Leon Bolier – Last Light Tonight
    2. Marcus Schossow – From My Heart
    3. Airbase Ft. Floria Ambra – Interfere
    4. Breakfast – Remember
    5. Leon Bolier – Medellin
    6. Jan Oostdyk – Out Of The Box
    7. Vast Vision – Contact
    8. Leon Bolier Ft. Floria Ambra – This
    9. Kyamoto – One Moment Of Thought
    10. Leon Bolier – Lunar Diamond
    11. Nuera - Nocturne

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    Great album

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    I love Leon Boiler tracks. They inspire me

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