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Thread: My own trance mix...

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    Question My own trance mix...


    In summer of 2007, I had the idea for creating a personnal "best-of" mix of some very good uplifting trance from this year.

    It's a basic mix made just with cooledit and cut'n'paste from the best part of each track. Some track were slighly shortened at the beginning to go very fast to the main part, the melodic part of the tracks.

    This mix runs for about 36 minutes and it's titled "Trance Emotions 2007"
    Some tracks comes from another dj sets (ASOT) or radio broadcast, some few others were buy...

    I could post the tracklist later by relistening to it... :D
    Some of you could find almost all names...

    So my question is : can I post it here, to get your opinion ? Since i have no affinities with the artists...

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    It's not fair to the artists if you are using broadcasted radio rips of tracks for your mixes that would be posted publically. We do not encourage this, and always say to support the artists and buy their work.

    So to answer to your question is sorry but no.

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    ok, thanks for that answer.

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    Thats not really mixin but i dont see a problem with it

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