Here at Enhanced we have done our best to dig out some of the finest vocal trancers released since it all started back in 2005. On this release you will find classics like "Will Holland - Timeless (Deepwide Remix)" with the mezmerising vocals of Billie Godfrey and "Jan Johnston meets Jussi Soro - Merge (Genix Remix)". You will also find more recent top vocal tracks by the likes of "Sasha Virus feat. Dilara - 2gether We Are (Sindre Eide Remix)" and "Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple One Remix)". Don't miss out!

Enhanced Vocal Trance Volume One
01. Abdul Bayyari feat. Josh Money - 400 Years 'Till Dawn (Kris O'Neil Remix)
02. Deepwide feat. Josh Money - Take Me In (Adymus Remix)
03. Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple One Remix)
04. Emery & Kirsch - Lose Yourself (Original Mix)
05. Hokkaido feat. Ange - Here to Stay (Mango Remix)
06. Will Holland - Timeless (Deepwide Remix)
07. Jan Johnston meets Jussi Soro - Merge (Genix Remix)
08. Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey - Don't Be Afraid (Maarten Hercules Remix)
09. Sasha Virus feat Dilara - 2gether We Are (Sindre Eide Remix)
10. Will Holland feat. Yana Kay - Tears In The Rain (Alex M.O.R.P.H b2b Woody Van Eyden Remix)