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Thread: Markus Schulz in Prague, 13 June 2009

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    Markus Schulz in Prague, 13 June 2009

    Hey people!

    I heard there will be an audio stream to this event. Does anybody knows where I could listen to this? Full 5 hours will be aired?

    Thank you for answers!
    The Finest Orla Feeney's Polish Fan

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    well DI will broadcast the show and they play 2h (from the set) on the 2nd of july if i know well..
    however..and 5h broadcasting? gonna be awesome..
    but unfortunately for ex. last time -World Tour Budapest- Markus played 3h but they played only 2hrs on the air (that was the same in Paris in 2008 )

    well, if anyone from will be in SaSaZu... will find me in my original white gdjb t-shirt. mhm i don't bite
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