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Thread: mixing sets

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    mixing sets

    Hey there!

    So I would want to start mixing music but I have some problems. Actually, I don't know how to start and I have some questions to you.

    What program do you use and what program will you recommend to person who is amateur? Maybe you have any tips for me?

    If you think that you have something to tell me that could be important for me, do it.

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    Of course this depends on how you wanna mix. There are lots of possibilities, pure software, software with midi controller, hybrid systems like traktror scratch or scratch live, pure hardware mixing (CDJs or 1210) with a mixer.
    At the moment I do my mixes with Ableton Live and a BCR 2000 midi controller.
    What I like about software mixing is that it offers a lot more flexibility than pure hardware mixing, doing live mashups and stuff like that and you can concentrate on the more creative parts of Djing instead of constantly beatmatching which I find quite boring.
    You can check out if you wanna know about DJing with Ableton.
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    Check this site out: DJ Tutor - The Home of DJ Training online

    The videos by Ellaskins are invaluable
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    Quote Originally Posted by a'ndY View Post
    Check this site out: DJ Tutor - The Home of DJ Training online

    The videos by Ellaskins are invaluable
    Jonathan is amazing, every upcoming or current DJ should watch his tutorial vids
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