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Thread: Redstar - Awakening (Remixes) (Part 1) [Red Force]

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    Redstar - Awakening (Remixes) (Part 1) [Red Force]

    It's finally here! There were a few rumors about some remixes of the magnificent "Awakening EP" which originally was released on Enhanced Recordings back in 2008. This time around Steve Bolger's finest work to date has found its way back home to his very own label known as Red Force Recordings. The Red Force team have hand picked and allowed two trance acts to add their signature to the title track "Awakening". First up is Finnish group Syna whom are known for tracks like "Do You Feel?" and the brilliant "Face Of God". Newcomer but also know for his track "Forgotten", "Andy Piney" has also been added to the stable of Red Force talent! Another pleasent surprise on this part 1 of remixes is Steve's own mashup of Darren Tate's "Destination" and Redstar "Awakening". Read on for more insight!

    1. Redstar - Awakening (Original Mix)
    2. Redstar - Awakening (Syna Remix)
    3. Redstar - Awakening (Andy Piney Remix)
    4. DT8 Project vs. Redstar - Destination Awakening (Redstar Mashup)


    Original Mix
    The beautiful original has been included in this release and is therefore being released for the second time - one cannot complain. Rarely we witness an upcoming trance producer with a particularly distinct sound and especially within the 'uplifing trance' pigeon hole. Steve or Redstar has without a doubt found his little neat sound spectrum combining great and unique melodies plus some proper build-ups that will keep you interested for sure. Awakening is a track that stays just below the boiling point throught the entire build-up and then explodes in a gorgeous lead. The added effects and tricks he pulls off just adds to the fun-factor.

    Syna Remix
    Syna is a group that I personally know for taking their productions very seriously by giving the individual elements some extra attention. It reflects in all of their work and in this remix as well. The overall approach leans towards a more progressive minded route. The blends of percussion makes it very interesting just to begin with. The bassline is groovy and has a hint of electro without being too dirty and without taking over the melodies. This leads us to the actual melodies which does not 'steal' too much from the original as you can only sense the Awakening melody in the breakdown stage.

    Andy Piney Remix
    Andy makes good use of the build-up approach Steve had in his original by keeping everything pulsing and pumping. The remix plays well with a stabbing bass, jumpy percussion and pours a piano progression all over the main lead in the break. One could say that Andy took a big bowl, added some of his and Steve's ideas, then shook it good and layered it all down in the sequencer.

    Destination Awakening (Redstar Mashup)
    We, the listeners, rarely get our hands on mashups. Here is finally one which could be worth picking up. I have personally never been a fan of merging two songs but it happens that it work wonders. This tune combines the full track of Awakening with the vocals from "Destination" and it really does work. I imagine that this could be a very good crowd pleaser in the late hours at the club.

    Awakening is one of my favourites from last year so it was nice to revisit it again. People who are not familiar with Redstar should head straight for the original which remains unbeaten! Of the three new tracks I find the Syna remix to be most interesting; the ideas feel original and the lovely groovy bottom end makes it perfect to bridge that gap between the uplifting side of trance and the more progressive oriented side. I was never a fan of the vocals used in DT8 Projects Destination but for me they are in good harmony mixed up with Awakening. This release gives me a good reason to look forward to reviewing part 2!

    Buy 'Awakening (Remixes - Part 1)' @ Beatport

    Red Force
    Andy Piney

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    Redstar - Awakening (Original Mix)
    Redstar - Awakening (Syna Remix)
    Redstar - Awakening (Andy Piney Remix)

    nice tunes, original is my fav

    I don't like Destination Awakening (Redstar Mashup)
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Original is best still. Didnt like the remixes.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    i love original also.!

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