Hi all,

McBlaze is proud to present you new stuff for your uplifting trance collection that you need for this summer.
You can go and have a listen at:

mcblaze - Tracks - SoundCloud

PS: Any feedback welcome ... even though you think this tracks are crap!

Summerride is my favourite for summer sessions. It's uplifting and has a lot of energy. This Frisco Mix is smoother than the original mix. Asian Touch is some kind of special. It's uplifting and full of energy but contains some nice asian elements.

Don't want to talk much: just have a listen!

If you're DJ and want to put them in a mix, I can send you a link, where you can download a HQ version FOR FREE!!

If you want to support my work, you can buy Asian Touch at:

McBlaze Artist Profile and MP3 Downloads at DJTUNES.COM - Home of Digital Dance Music

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