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Thread: Akesson Vs. Ben Nicky - Perfect Moment (Phillip Alpha Mashup)

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    Akesson Vs. Ben Nicky - Perfect Moment (Phillip Alpha Mashup)


    There has been quite some chit-chat going on about whether Ben Nicky's Special Moment is a ripoff of Akesson's Perfect Blue.

    both parties have had their saying - and i thought i'd close the argument once and for all with a little mashup - that to me shows when "borrowing" has come way too far


    Took me about 20 mins to make..

    only edit i did in the tracks was the following:

    Perfect Blue:

    Cut 8 bar from the intro

    Special Moment:

    Cut down the 2nd break to half of original lenght.

    cut down 2nd "peak" from 16 to 8 bar

    cut down outtro to fit with outrro from Perfect Blue

    looped 1 bar in outtro to make it fit


    Play it out, at home or whatever it was a rushjob


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    I think the controversy must have passed me by but there's no denying that the two of them go very nicely together, lovely stuff this mate
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    They sound similar. But Nicky's tune is bloody immense. So is Akesson's.

    They go superbly well together

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