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Thread: In search of Sound Effects for a remix production

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    In search of Sound Effects for a remix production

    Hello all!

    I am new in the remix field and I'm lost on how to obtain Sound Effects to apply in a current production.

    I'm talking on sound effects used by The Chemical Brothers per example. Where they get it?

    I'm looking for lasers, swooshes, stingers, ... you get the point.

    I know that the sources are endless but for starters do you think that buying a software is adequate? ... or you better suggest a synthetizer or something like that?

    I have Soundforge 9 but I cannot figure out how to obtain SFX for my production.

    What would be my best bet? ... joining to a community?, ... go to a certain web page for advice or orientation?, ... is there a website where I can get them for free?

    I hope you can help me and thank you for your time and consideration to my questions.



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    Maybe you should try Lots of free vst's and soundeffects. Registering is free.

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks for the info

    Thank you very much gor the info.

    I will try

    This is a very good input.


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    Also try youtube
    Trance idiot

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    I've tried this ReFX Nexus VST. It's absolutely great. It's got a hefty price tag though..

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    Thanks for suggesting all these sites

    Thanks guys for all your help.

    These are sites that I never know exist!

    I guess that I can find something suitable to what I need.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration.

    Greetings from Los Angeles!


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    Thanks opus5

    Thank you opus5 for your suggestion.

    I will visit the link. I'm sure that will have what I need.


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