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Thread: Tom Colontonio - Sparkover EP [Monster Tunes]

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    Tom Colontonio - Sparkover EP [Monster Tunes]

    Monster Tunes pres. America's uplifting 'God' Tom Colontonio. Throughout the last couple of years he has been churning out tunes on some of the biggest and most respected labels in the industry. A personal favourite of mine would be Modern Day Madness and Omega Thursday. Just (very) recently Tom remixed 'Seven Weeks' by Sean Tyas, released on Sander van Doorn infamous label 'Doorn Records' - this time around Sean Tyas is remixing for Tom. On this release you will, as mentioned, find a Sean Tyas remix of the title track 'Sparkover' plus the original mix and a bit of a bonus track called 'Walk Through Berlin'.


    Sparkover Sean Tyas Remix
    As usual Tyas delivers a supertight mix with a good amount of energy and punchy drums. He really understands how to push his productions and the transitions from 1 phrase to another are always spot on, inducing extra energy step-by-step. The stabbing melody throughout the tune is not something I would classify as original but it does the job, well. The big pay-off in this track is in my opinion what it is all about - the energy is fantastic and I can really see myself in a big arena with thousands of other jumping and dancing clubbers.

    Sparkover Original Mix
    The original mix is without a doubt driven by the synth setup. The percussion is not as interesting as I had hoped for. What I do appreciate is the crisp underlying acid-lines, the pumping bass and main lead melody which seems to work better than in the remix.

    Walk Through Berlin
    Colontonio uses a similar bass (maybe just a tad punchier). Do notice the techy, stabbing and kind of "metallic" sounding synth that builds up the track in the most proper way. While 'Sparkover' was a bit more of a hands in the air tune with a memorable melody this is more of a dance your butt off, cause of that ungoing energy it bursts.

    It was actually quite hard for me to point out a favourite as all three track are on the same level, quality wize. In the end it only comes down to my own taste, and 'Walk Through Berlin' just seems to me like a good quality filler, perfect to squeeze inbetween the peak-timers while still keeping a good amount of energy going and keeping the crowd happy. Overall a very good release from Tom, perhaps some of the best I have heard from him.

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    nice release I like all the tracks \o/
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Both mixes of Sparkover are nice..

    Walk Through Berlin was kind of boring for me.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistantLand View Post
    Both mixes of Sparkover are nice..

    Walk Through Berlin was kind of boring for me.

    Kind of like a REAL walk through Berlin, eh?

    Kidding, I've never even been there.

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    Tom Colontonio - Sparkover (Sean Tyas remix) -- my love

    For me it's one of the best 2009 tracks so far. Amazing breakdown, beautiful melody. Epic tune

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    amazing release. loving all releases. especially Sparkover. Walk Throuh Berlin is also massive.

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    Monster Tunes as always Monster Tunes

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