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Thread: Temple One - String Theory [Enhanced]

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    Temple One - String Theory [Enhanced]

    1. String Theory (Original Mix)
    2. String Theory (M6 Remix)

    Armin van Buuren = “One of my favourite tunes at the moment” (ASOT 410)
    Above & Beyond = TATW Support
    Ferry Corsten = Corsten’s Countdown Support

    Since bursting onto the scene in 2006, Temple One aka Joe Garrett has been one of the most in demand producers and remixers in the trance scene.

    Heralded by Armin van Buuren as 'one of my favourite producers today,' Joe is one of the hottest UK artists in 2009. With consistent support from every major DJ worth their salt, and featuring on every major radio show, compilation and set list going, he has a knack of producing the kind of music capable of giving goose bumps to the deceased.

    Following his quite simply massive Aurora EP last year, Joe serves up another slice of peak time perfection. Already supported by Armin van Buuren on several ASOT’s, Above & Beyond on TATW and Ferry Corsten on Corsten’s Countdown, , this is sure to be another sure fire hit for Temple One.

    With a film score esq break with haunting synths and pads, this is once again a big-room anthem, with a darker theme than Joe's previous productions.

    Enhanced welcomes Mark Sixma for the first time to the label, and he turns out a stunning remix under his M6 guise. Adding techy elements to the original's strong lead, Mark really takes the track in a different direction, for the darker dancefloors.

    Full Supportlist: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Activa, Adam White, Ali Wilson, Andre Visior, Andrew Howlett, Bart Claessen, Chad Cisneros Tritonal, Charlie G, Dan Stone, Daniel Kandi, Danjo, Deep Voices, Digital Nature, Dimitri Kechagias, Ernesto vs Bastien, Estiva, Fast Distance, Ferry Tayle, Gil La, Haris C, Jon O'Bir, Jonathan Martin, Joni Ljungqvist, Jussi Soro, Kane Nelson, Ken Spector, Kenneth Thomas, Lange, Lee Haslam, Les Hemstock, Maarten Hercules, Manuel Saux, Mark Sherry, Melle Bakker Setrise, Michael Angelo, Michael Badal, MIKE, Mike Cowie NZ, Mike Koglin, Mike Saint Jules, Misja Helsloot, Neal Scarborough, Neil Moore, Nicholas Bennison, Orjan Nilsen, Paul Pearson, Phillip Alpha, Rav Takhar, Robert Geitleman, Robert Nickson, Ronski Speed, Ruben de Ronde, Scott Bond, Sebastian Brandt, Sequentia, Signum, Sophie Sugar, Steve Anderson, Super8 & Tab, Suzy Solar, Talla 2XLC, Tania Mann, Tempo Giusto, Thomas Arctic Moon, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Tom Colontonio, Will Holland, Xgenic and many many more!




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    loving all Temple One productions \o/ and this release is massive
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Very different track from Temple One, very dark. I like the original!
    Stealing Aga <3

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    He promissed that he would try something different, and he did just that here.

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    great track. love it.

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