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Thread: Mike Blades - July demo

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    Mike Blades - July demo

    DJ Name: Mike Blades

    How long you have been a DJ: 11 years professional club & radio DJ

    Style of music played: I will play anything to get a crowd jumping...but i LOVE trance in all its glorious forms

    With over 11 years experience behind the decks all around Australia, Mike Blades has played many types of gigs from rocking club parties to chilled out private shows, corporate functions to massive events such as being a resident DJ for Evolution, a rave-like dance party on the Gold Coast during ‘Schoolies’ week. During his time in the DJ world, Mike Blades has had the pleasure of playing alongside the cream of the Australian dance scene, the highlights including Peewee Ferris, Nik Fish, Yoshi, Mark Dynamix and many, many more.

    Mike Blades brings many influences to his trance DJ sets from the likes of Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren to Cosmic Gate and Chicane, amongst many others, he has created a unique DJ party style that is uplifting, energetic and fresh. Mike keeps everyone at their peak all night long.

    JULY Demo Tracklist:

    true lie (original) - d.e.r.
    fine without you (sied van riel) - armin van buuren
    sunshine in panama (jonas steur) - bartlett bros & mickey vi
    into my sound of music (original) - push
    f.a.v. (extended) - cosmic gate
    nervous breakdown (airwave) - john 00 fleming
    drops of jupiter (main) - filo & peri
    auxiliary (part 1) - carl b
    slider (sean tyas) - adam nickey
    the message (northern) - cern
    broken (original) - john o'callaghan
    e-motion (original) - david forbes & william daniel
    jetlag (airport 11) - dj kim



    I make my own weekly 2 hr trance podacast (same music as this demo)(called Hypnotic Edge) and i would LOVE to have it played on AH...if you like what im playing, then tell those in charge about me and my show. further details @
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    thanks for the nice mix bro

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