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Thread: Enton Mushi feat. Kerri Brown - Desire [Just Peak]

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    Enton Mushi feat. Kerri Brown - Desire [Just Peak]

    Enton Mushi is an electronic music producer hailing from Toronto, Canada. He is now making his debut on newly founded Just Peak Music with a vocal track featuring Kerri Brown. Label boss Dreas (known for his track Havannah) is delivering a remix for the track and Alex Robert (Red Force, Just Peak, Motion Music) has done one for the progressive rooms.

    1. Desire (Original Mix) (7:22)
    2. Desire (Dreas Remix) (7:57)
    3. Desire (Alex Robert Remix) (6:26)
    4. Desire (Radio Mix) (4:32)


    Original Mix
    Not something I would classify as trance even though there are a few supersaws which then adds a little. A bit funky and groovy with a slight touch of dance. Nice work on the percussion and especially in the intro section where a flat snare drum is used. I think the vocal is bit surpressed in this track even though it still works. This tune is proper remix material and the vocal is uplifting, hence perfect for Dreas to remix it.

    Dreas Remix
    Let's begin with the negative part (which is only a small part); the kick, which sets off from bar 1, feels too heavy for my taste. It cuts through the mix and is stomping throughout the whole track and even though we're dealing with an uplifting and euphoric trancer, I still think it's a bit too much. I can absolutely understand why (An)Dreas snatched this tune up for his label. He really lifts up the gorgeous vocal of Kerry Brown which is the most important part of the track. Lovely melodic arpeggio which is being filtered in and out of the track and not to forget the lead which is bursting an energy which should be perfect for the dancefloor.

    Alex Robert Remix
    Alex churns out a deeper mix with minimalistick drum elements. Clearly inspired by Nic Chagall (of Cosmic Gate). He absolutely kills it with his breakdown which is nice, flat out with vocals and a nice piano sequence.

    The Dreas remix is a beauty and I was listening to it on repeat after I downloaded it. The uplifting production and the uplifting vocals, go so well hand-in-hand! I am actually feeling a bit of '2002-2004' trance inspirations in both the vocals and the Dreas remix. It doesn't feel dated but it has that slightly cheesy and happy "lets dance our ass off feel" which I remember from that era - and I'm guilty of enjoying it! 9/10 for the Dreas mix.

    Releasedate: 06/07/2009

    Enton Mushi
    Alex Robert
    Just Peak

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    Dan played this, i remember

    Dreas remix ftw!
    Stealing Aga <3

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