DJ Taucher - Just Like You EP Part2 (incl. Pole Folder & Philo Remixes) [JED066]

Just Like You EP Part2 from Taucherīs last Album "Adult Music" will take you
here into a time travel.

Pole Folderīs Just Like Them Remix is produced based on a trip back
to Pink Floydīs Darkside Of The Moon, very trippy and extraordinary
fantastic. Donīt miss the Journey.

After that comes Philo with his Peaktime Dub and added Harmonies
. Philo is one of the Headz behind Avalanche Records and Slope. So
if you know the good progressive times, you will be aware this remixes will be
groovy as hell.

Prelistening here:

1. Just Like You (POLE FOLDER Just Like Them Remix)
2. Just Like You (PHILOs Peaktime Dub Remix)
3. Just Like You (PHILOs Added Harmonies Remix)


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