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Thread: An idea? Party Guide

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    An idea? Party Guide

    Hi all... I'm not into building websites and stuff, so excuse me if this is totally a stupid idea.

    On the menubar on top there's a link to a calandar in which the shows here on AH are scheduled.
    How about adding an additional calendar (in a dropdown menu option) for parties and stuff. When clicking on this party calendar you will see the dates with trance(only) parties. For example on the 8th of August it says Intuition Summer Event. Forum members can then add their names to a list so anyone can see which AHers are going to attend the party. Members can add such parties by submitting a format to a mod who adds it to the calendar. A link to the thread will also be provided for further discussion.

    Just throwing in my 2 cents

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    Hey Jiffy, did you read about public calender, or Google calender? check it out

    You can do it by your self, or Dan can make an official one for the parties and radio events.

    I use it to stay fully updated with my aerospace society events

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