Animaltek from New York city does us the honour of their new EP!
Oleg Slepak & Shay Raban deliver here their last electronic adventures, navigating between electronic, jazz und techno universe, an idea of the groove which is unique, and a warmness that is rarely to be

found on electronic records nowadays.
3 amazing new techno tracks, with a groove so hot it will fire up whatever dancerfloor you play the track on.
The EP will be in store on thursday 9th of July. (download + cd limited edition)
Release party on Friday Night in Berlin with Animaltek live act!

>> Elektrotribe 034

Listen - MP3 - CD

1. Animaltek - Bessame (8:45)
2. Animaltek - Ghetto Twist (8:27)
3. Animaltek - Aspiree (8:18)

Good Listening!

Coming soon ::::
035 - Error Response - Album
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