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Thread: New music + updates from Mike Mikhjian

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    New music + updates from Mike Mikhjian

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
    Few updates to pass around.

    First off we have the Bevanda EP releasing soon from ORA Recordings.
    Exclusive on Beatport now @

    I've included the review on this track below:
    "Bevanda EP features two well produced tracks "Buona Bevanda" and "Ocean Of Time".

    "Buona Bevanda" is straight up big room sounding progressive at its best. This one is filled with alot of surprises with a gorgeous guitar melody. High quality tunage with the Mikhjian stamp of authenticity. Great for any set.

    Teaming up with John Caza,"Ocean Of Time" is a luscious bass driven progressive house gem. Lovely melodies and harmonic vocal bits make this one a summer favorite. Great to get any party rocking.

    Expect to hear these two tracks at some point this summer, the response and upcoming support is huge!

    Next up we have Everlasting Tales, which isn't very new, but now is starting to get out there! This track got a whopping 9.5 of 10 from Music Critics. They wrote a very awesome review! I suggest checking it out ( Includes preview) @ Mike Mikhjian – Everlasting Tales [Coldharbour Recordings] | MusiCritics
    You can find this track in most stores now.

    Also moving up the charts is Another Day with Anna Basel. This track took me by surprise by how much great response it has received. This has been out for a while but now getting recognized more and more too.
    You can find the full track @ YouTube - [New3Mix] Mike Mikhjian feat. Anna Basel - Another Day = NEW Uplifting Vocal Trance [HD] May 2009

    I think that's all I got for now. Two additional EP's upcoming on Intuition Recordings; Tritonal - One More Day, +Mike Mikhjian remix, comes out soon too from Alter Ego (Can't wait for this one to come out!). And a handful of new unreleased music at my Myspace Mike Mikhjian on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. If you'd like to follow me on Facebook you can add my fan page @ Login | Facebook

    Oh! and do expect an album from me before the end of the year

    Mike Mikhjian on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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    Free Full Mike Mikhjian Tracks!

    As promised before, free full mike mikhjian tracks: Index of /sample/free (And dl them quick before I remove them!)

    +More to come! (Check that folder freq!)

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