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Thread: Sergey Shemet - Renderworld [Unearthed Records]

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    Sergey Shemet - Renderworld [Unearthed Records]

    Following on from a similar vibe of his remix of Feeltz - Wavelift, Sergey Shemet's first original track on Unearthed Records, entitled Renderworld is a great piece of trance. Sergey's crossover sound is eminently present in this track, blending tech, progressive and trance in his signature style.

    The first remix comes from DangerBox heavyweights Arc. Arc's remix features a dirty bassline, a great percussion groove and some of the more melodic elements from the original track blended perfectly giving us a great dirty progressive track.

    The next remix, courtesy of STERiO is also on the progressive tip. With a groovy rolling bassline and a haunting breakdown the track builds to a massive climax before dropping into the driving mainsection, STERiO's remix gives the track a completely different feeling.

    Last, but certainly not least is another belting remix from Trance Arts. Doing what he does best, Trance Arts has created a club stomper.

    Release info:

    Release date: 10th August 2009

    1. Sergey Shemet - Renderworld (Original Mix) [Sample]
    2. Sergey Shemet - Renderworld (Arc Remix) [Sample]
    3. Sergey Shemet - Renderworld (STERiO Remix) [Sample]
    4. Sergey Shemet - Renderworld (Trance Arts Remix) [Sample]

    Available from: Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown + More

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    Trance Arts remix owns this release \o/
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emotion View Post
    Trance Arts remix owns this release \o/
    Agree! Loving the Trance Arts remix Arc remix next best.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    i cant hear the difference between original and trance arts remix ;)

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    too many prog inside this release for my taste

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    not really liked this release. only like Trance Arts Remix.

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