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Thread: ID - Really motivating track!

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    ID - Really motivating track!

    It sounded like it has some violin or cello - something, literally RIGHT before where the recording starts. REALLY love this track!

    Ben Gold - Life 007
    about 2:55 AM US Mountain Time, 12 Jul 09

    Here is the audio track. Direct MP3 link.
    1 minute long - ~600 KB

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    Looked on the tracklist, too. It was a replay, so I wasn't able to pinpoint the time it played. I would have used that to relate what song it was

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    Hahaha, Squall. How you doin?
    I just found it. I heard a song on the replay done with a female's voice and randomly matched it with iTunes. Worked my way back from there. Took me a little bit though, but honestly, I appreciate your help! Now, and all the other times I've had requests.

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