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Thread: Michael Jay Parker - Monostep [Flashover]

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    Michael Jay Parker - Monostep [Flashover]

    Latest release from Flashover is a single from Michael Jay Parker - a new producername in the business. He's been assisted by a bit of a trance legend on this release and that being German producer Dominik De Leon, also known for being a part of DuMonde and JamX & De Leon. No remixes on this release but a Melodic Mix and a Monotone Mix.

    Melodic Mix - despite of the moderate trance tempo this tune has a good feel to it with a heavy bass and some kicking percussion. Stylewize this track reminds me of Ferry Corsten's Radio Crash from 2008 - in other words we are dealing with 'bomb' with some slight hints of tech but still with big room trance feel underlined by the main lead.

    Monotone Mix - this mix is almost the exact same as the melodic mix, though more than 30 seconds longer despite the fact that various elements has been withdrawn from the track; cause in the melodic mix, you get the full trance pay-off with the heavy supersaw - a pay-off you as a listener would expect due to the build-up and energy throughout the track. It therefore feels a bit anti-climatic and awkvard that the track doesn't peak in the same way as the melodic mix. But as mentioned, this track holds some good energy and if you're not into or tired of supersaws, then this mix might suit you better.

    Verdict - always nice with some new names on big reliable labels like Flashover, so that you aren't introduced to the same sounds and basic ideas each time. The Melodic mix caught my attention at first listen and I found myself listening to it for an hour on repeat before I switched to the next mix. A bit dissapointed by the Monotone mix at first but after a few listens I started to get into it. Nice club banger from Flashover!

    Available on Beatport: 20/07/2009

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    Boring, nothing new.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    monotone mix fits to this track really well
    Stolen by Nav <3

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