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Thread: Danny Loko - Somoz Nozes [Fraction Records] // Review

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    Danny Loko - Somoz Nozes [Fraction Records] // Review

    Fraction Records have always been good at picking up 'out of the box' productions or at least productions that had something unique to them. I'm especially thinking of tracks like "There's Always Music", "Travelling" "Modes / Nodes" and "What's Your Name". Somos Nozes is another special track, picked up by Above & Beyond on TATW a few months ago in its demo stage. The track is written and produced by Danny Loko who some might remember from his "Drop it, Your Love", released on Discover Dark a few years ago - I was certainly interested when I heard that Danny Oliveira was Danny Loko. The release is a two-parter with an original edition and a remix edition.

    Original Mix / Dub
    Danny dishes up some nice and clever percussion and adds several different add-ons, effects, swooshes, etc throughout the track. As mentioned in the intro, this is the kind of track that breaks with the current 'trance' style - in fact there is not really any trance to this track. By listening to this track I'm reminded of some progressive house moments from between 10 and 5 years ago. I like how the progression in the track has been put together; just as you are about to get bored it, it accelerates and adds on some more energy. Another remarkable thing is the vocals in the track, which doesn't work as a simple hook but just wanders accross the breakdown section.

    DJ Jack pres. JK5 e as Arvres Remix
    DJ Jack sticks close to the original recipe but he gives it a light trance twist by adding some synths. It gives the track some more colour and diverts it from the dark moody feel it had. My favourite thing has to be the bassline which has a nice bouncey feel to it.

    Fabio Stein's Electric Nuts Remix
    I gotta be honest - the only record I have ever bought from Fabio Stein would be his first "Tran4 / State Of Trance" back in 2006. I hope that he will impress me this time around. As expected he adds his tech twist. Even though I'm not that much into tech trance I still kind of like this remix. He uses some really dark tech stabs and his overall production quality really shines through in an impressive way; ultra crisp hi hats, claps, big vibrating bass, quick sweeps and big synths.

    Danilo Ercoles Alternative Mix / Dub
    A bit more of a minimalistic percussion setup this time. This mix actually isn't that different from the original but the sound still has some different influences. To me this sounds like Coldharbour meets Somos Nozos.

    Excellent release from Fraction. I probably wouldn't play the Fabio Stein mix in a set but It is most definately recommended to the people who like it just a bit harder. Without a doubt impressed with Fabio's work. For me it is all about the original mix and the DJ Jack mix which are almost equally good - the original does top it though with it's big room, moody and simplistic progressive feel. Should you find vocal speaks annoying then the Dub should do the trick, I prefer it with vocals.

    Buy 'Somos Nozes' @ Beatport
    Buy 'Somos Nozes Remix Edition' @ Beatport

    Fraction Records
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