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Thread: Redd Square - Digital Acoustics [Monster Tunes]

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    Redd Square - Digital Acoustics [Monster Tunes]

    He is back! Some might not know the name Chris Dececio or Redd Square but this old-schooler has been around for some time. His biggest record so far would be the hit single "In Your Hands" which was released on the infamous Inferno Records back in 2001. He also later had another record released through Purple Eye Entertainment and more precise on the Tatsumaki imprint run by Ferry Corsten. It has now been two years since his last appearence which was on Gareth Emery's (now closed) Five AM label. Some can probably recall the single Insignia - Kaleidoscope Eyes which Chris had produced himself and delivered additional remixes to. Great to see Monster Tunes welcoming back an old timer and this single comes with a remix from Swedish producer Christian Lejon aka Onova.

    Original Mix
    Chris starts out with a filtered kick, claps, hi hats and some additional percussion. An electro edged 2-note bassline also kicks in from the very beginning as well does some lush vocal bites. As the kick drum is being filtered in and soon present in its full form some extra bassline notes are being added like missing pieces in a puzzle. The tune now has good proper drive with a nice summer feel. Melodies are starting to appear in various teasing bits right before the exciting breakdown which breaks out in a big slightly delayed guitar lead with a beautiful padded background. It then switches from the more subtle and pleasent relaxing summerish to a full-on euphoric trancer when the main synths are added and the bassline kicks in again.

    Onova Remix
    While the prggression from the main melody has been kept, Onova has pretty much taken out everything else and replaced it. He gives it a nice driving acid touch and knocks up the pace a bit. His breakdown might now be as elegant but the pay-off approach would most likely be more effective considered the trance crowd today.

    I'm no Onova fan but I must say he pulled off a good remix this time - especially enjoing the acid lines he has put in the beginning of the track. The original is still the winner on this release. Much appreciated comeback from Redd Square and I hope we haven't seen the last of him. Big track for the summer!

    Exclusives available from 02/08/2009

    Monster Tunes

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    Loving the Onova Remix! Breakdown guitars
    Stealing Aga <3

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