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Thread: New to this Site, Always been with Trance

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    New to this Site, Always been with Trance

    Hey you guys!

    My name is Ollie, I am a 27 year old Londoner that is a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE Trance Head, it's all I care about, I just can't understand why people would not wanna rock to it all day and night! lol

    Anyway, it's my 27th birthday tomorrow (from the date that I registered) and I wanna find some people who share my passion in this beautiful genre because I wanna go to a trance rave (which I have NEVER been to) but most of my mates like P-Dippy and J-zZz

    So any raves that are happening, let me know, I will be there!

    ps, go to my facebook if you want and add me

    Oliver Jannati | Facebook


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