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Thread: Out Now: HeatBoyer- Happy Ending

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    Out Now: HeatBoyer- Happy Ending

    HeatBoyer- Happy Ending
    Randy Boyer teams up with the Youngblood Argentinean’s known as Heatbeat- (Agustin Servente + Matias Faint), to create HeatBoyer, and to bring you their latest track: Happy Ending. This crowd pleaser leaves the listener to find themselves enveloped in cutting edge beats mingled with classic sounds and build up that brings us to a level of complete euphoria and enchantment that a true trance lover is always on the search for. The fun-loving nature of these guys is clearly apparent throughout this tune, and leaves us all wanting more. The freshest track out there, and already supported by artists such as John
    O’Callaghan, Kyau & Albert, Gareth Emery, Judge Jules, Darude- the list goes on-we can all rest easily knowing that tune is here to stay on dance floors and in the EDM world in general.

    Out now on Beatport:

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    Really nothing special.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    I think its fun! I like the classic feel to the build up

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    love this song!

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