The Washington DC based producer Dave Cortex is our latest addition to the roster. Today we release his first EP on Nellei Recordings and it's a great one! With a nice groove and some talent behind the synths this is a release to love.

Highway and Tuneage is just two tracks of many to come from this young man. Hopefully Nellie Recordings will be responsable for most of them!

Listen and enjoy:

Here's some feedback we've received from a variety of producers and DJ's around the globe:

Tom Novy - "Highway is strong!! Supporting."
Dirty Vegas - "Great tracks, Dave really knows how to work those synth lines!"
Ashley Wallbridge - "Very cool proggy release. Nice overall feel to these tunes. Put me in a good mood."
Daniel Kandi - "Good progressive b-side... Beach mode!"
David Amo & Julio Navas - "Love it!"
Cor Fijneman - "Great new release!!!! Fine stuff for my sets. Can't choose between the two tracks because I like them both."
PROFF - "Tuneage is my choice here!"
JPL - "Very nice release! I have played Highway"
Darin Epsilon - "Two very high quality tracks. Tuneage is definitely my pick, will have for August chart consideration, thanks!"
Bobby Deep - "Tuneage is a killer. Will def play it!"

We've also received positive feedback from Sied Van Riel, Hernan Cattaneo, Electrobios, dPen, Miss Nine, Sebastian Brandt, Andy Moor, Kenneth Thomas, Amine Edge, Jacob Henry, Chris Nemmo, Steve Haines and many more!