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Thread: Whats tune was it?

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    Question Whats tune was it?

    OK, it's been a while since I last listened and theres this one tune we would listen too sometimes and somehow it just faded off our ears and totally forgot about it. It was about 2-3 years ago and went something like so:

    A person in the background yelling a chant, echoing somewhat.
    Then there was a part where a guy narrated the song... during the narration he would say something like "thanks for the advice".
    It is a strange mix

    Thats pretty much all I can remember. That guy doing that narration should ring a bell, no?

    Idk, seemed like a cool song at the time.... anyone give it a shot??

    if so... please name it and/or post a link

    ** If it helps any there is a church bell bongin slowly in the background

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