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Thread: Avenger - Spherria [Red Force]

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    Avenger - Spherria [Red Force]

    After a slew of successful releases over the past 6 months, Avenger returns to Red Force with another peaktime monster. "Spherria" is a dark, synth-driven number with tons of energy and power, all of which Avenger is very well-known for. If you've enjoyed his previous work, you'll definitely be all over this one.

    Anjunabeats' Mark Eteson offers his perspective on "Spherria," delivering a melodic and uplifting remix with beautiful synth work. Softer than the original, this one still packs drive and energy.

    Friend and label resident alike, Sean Truby is next in line with a storming remix, which is what we have come to expect from the rising star. A melodic intro and uplifting breakdown make way for one blistering chorus. Fans of Sean Tyas' remix of "Life" will be more than satisfied.

    Avenger had a go at remixing "Spherria" himself and the result was a beautiful chillout remix. Lush yet still backed with a drive, this mix is a perfect closer for the package.

    The Review

    Original Mix
    After the monumental release of 'Pegasus' earlier in the year on the label, Avenger set out to repeat the succes of before. The track starts out with a lush intro that Avenger has become known for with alot of bass & gives a clear indication as to what you are in for with the rest of the track! The melody in the break is really powerful with the very high production standard the label is known for. Avenger shows all his production skills which truly makes this a great listen over & over again and will be the perfect club anthem for the summer and beyond!

    Mark Eteson Remix
    Well known British DJ/Producer Mark Eteson kick starts the remix package with a rather dark old school sounding trancer. From the exceptional intro all the way to the break you know exactly what is coming, this is truly one of my favorite remixes on the label so far! Pretty much anything that Mark touches turns to gold in my opinion so this is truly a really good remix and a great future addition to the Red Force arsenal.

    Sean Truby Remix
    Next on the bill is young producer & fellow label resident Sean Truby. Sean has been perfecting his production skills over the past year on lots of labels so expecting nothing but a great remix is par for the course. On first listen it is quite easy to tell that this will be alot different to the other mixes. It has an even stronger kick then the original and shows that Sean is becoming quite the talent to look out for when you want a pure trance remix! My favorite part is in the break where it reminds me alot of Sean Tyas remixes which is a great compliment to the young producer.

    Chillout Mix
    This is my favorite mix in the package. I think it is the perfect vision of the original melody & is a great way to wrap up the package! I expect a chillout mix to be present in all future Avenger releases!

    Review written by William P

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    wooooooot finally some news of new Avenger release yay

    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Heard it long ago, I got bored of it already. I didn't like any of the mixes. Original FTW!
    Stealing Aga <3

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    have not heard. must hear.

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    Original the best. Sean Truby Remix not bad either.

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