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Thread: [MOCHA 005] - C4 - She Was Nice

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    [MOCHA 005] - C4 - She Was Nice

    After last apperance on Mocha Records 004 and a big EP,C4 is back again
    with a nice 3 tracker of techno driven beats.What we have here is a
    mixture of flavours crossing through slower club beats of techno.Capturing
    the feel of electro house in the first track "Masan Chunk" and travelling
    through realms of minimal scapes with the second track "Crank Shaft" all
    folowed by tight rhythms and strong production.For end,none the less superb
    3rd track "Colour Of Real" presents classic techno with lyrics for a perfect
    listening material ready for club action.C4 presents again what he's all about.

    She Was Nice EP

    C4 - Masan Chunk
    C4 - Crank Shaft
    C4 - Colour Of Real

    Mocha Records Myspace
    C4 Website

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    oh my... no
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    She was bad!

    Techno not my style...
    Stealing Aga <3

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