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Thread: Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte ::: Out Now!

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    Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte ::: Out Now!

    Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon
    Chi Co Monte

    01. Original Mix
    02. Solarity Remix
    03. Sunn Jellie Remix
    04. Yotto Remix

    Supported on radio by Jaytech, PROFF, James Grant, M.I.K.E, Matt Darey, Bobina, Marcus Schossow, Airillusions, Mindgame, Found Of Sound and many more.

    The Swedish talents Jojo Da Silva and Sergio Rincon have finally made their debut on Nellie Recordings - and what a debut it is. The track "Chi Co Monte" won't disappoint anyone with it's melodic but yet powerful vibe.

    First up on the remix block are two of house music's newest stars, known as Solarity. Alfie Granger-Howell & Nick Harriman steps it up a notch and creates a peak time monster that simply has to get played live. Sunn Jellie on the other hand takes the track to a whole other level. This epic piece of work will blow away anyone that enjoys beautiful music. Last but not least our neighbor from Finland, Yotto, makes an appearance as well. This remix takes another approach and goes towards the more balearic side of music.

    All in all this package is a blast for every prog-lover out there and even though the weather has left more to wish for, you can always put these tracks on and sway away to the islands...


    Mark Pledger: Sunn Jellie has brilliant vibe to his mix!
    Markus Schultz: Definately feeling the Sunn Jellie mix!
    PROFF: Solarity and Sunn Jellie is winners here for me!
    Peter Gelderblom: The Solarity remix is the one for me!
    Jaytech: Sunn Jellie remix is awesome!
    Sied Van Riel: Like the Sunn Jellie remix! Nice for early sets
    Marcus Schossow: Sunn Jellie Remix for the win!
    Mango: Loving the Solarity remix! Nice work!
    David Amo & Julio Navas: We prefer original... nice!!
    Gianluca Motta: Hard choice between the original and the Solarity. I will play both of them!
    Ruben de Ronde: Original is the best for me! Great release again!
    Tom Morgan: Quite like the Sun Jellie remix; will probably edit it a little but a good end of nighter nonetheless.

    Also gained positive response from Armin Van Buuren, Bobina, JOOP, Manuel Le Saux, Kenneth Thomas, Bale & Voltaire, Gorm Sorensen, Tritional, Peter Brown, Chris Luzz, Carlo Calabro, Noel Sanger, Shawn Mitiska, Darin Epsilon, Paul Zala, JPL, Aeron Aether, Spiritchaser, Neil Moore, Luke Porter, Bret James and many more.
    Kristoffer Ljungberg | Macarize (Label Manager / A&R)

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    ok I like this one can listen prog house but good like this one

    only Yotto remix is not my style
    Stolen by Nav <3

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