There are two sides to every story, and every story is up for interpretation. With OptiMystic, Las Vegas legend Robert Oleysyck presents a multi-faceted journey that integrates various bands of the emotional spectrum. Blurring the lines between groovy progressive house, and deep tech, the presence of feeling and soul cut through a thick, moody center, caressed by a delicate shell of lilting keys and sanguine accents. Like the petals of a flower revealing to a morning dew, a panoramic cloud emerges from the mysterious night, encompassing the listener in a blissful state of emotional twilight. Stainless' own Brandon A. Godfrey and L.A.'s infamous Smitty offer up their own interpretational remixes, while retaining the feel of mysterious optimism.

1. Robert Oleysyck - OptiMystic |Original
2. Robert Oleysyck - OptiMystic |Brandon A. Godfrey Vegas Blvd Remix
3. Robert Oleysyck - OptiMystic |Smitty Remix
Format: Digital

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