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Thread: Anhken & Adrian - That One Moment [Eternity Recordings]

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    Anhken & Adrian - That One Moment [Eternity Recordings]

    A fresh release from Anhken is here! This young producer has been making a bit of a name for himself in just the last two years. Releases on major labels likes Anjunabeats, Enhanced Recordings, Monster Tunes and Infrasonic Recordings and these credentials certainly proves this producers potential and talent. This is now the second time he has got together with a fellow producer in the studio and this time it's with his countryman Adrian who also hails from Romania. Remixes comes from a very promissing Russian producer who goes by the name Arty and another lad by the name Jessus, who has worked out a "dirty mix".


    Original Mix
    Less minimalistic influences compared to some of Anhken's other recent work and much more uplifting. But again some very bright and warm progressive melodies. The bass is key and main tool in this mix and pushes everything forward until it slows down and reveals the piano themed break, only to then rise again and top in a semi techy drop.

    Arty Remix
    Arty took a more clean progressive trance approach in his remix. The underlying rumbling bass sets a good mood in the track and the crisp melody gentle upons up like a flourishing flower. What personally takes some of the beauty away from this mix is the piano which feels a tad too 'Above & Beyond'ish for me.

    Jessus 'Dirty' Mix
    Usually when something is called 'Dirty' it's not positive - at least not from my experience. This tune relies too much on the bass. The bass is actually ok but it's just has too much presence throughout the tune and it ends up getting too much. The main melodies are also not too strong as in the other two versions. The choir (or pads) in the break are quite nice though and some of the percussive ideas are alright as well.

    It's a simply (and obvious maybe) a choice between the Arty remix and the original version which are both of good quality and not to forget that the original is above standard Anhken quality (in my book). Great comeback from Eternity Recordings who here and then spits something nice out!

    Available on Beatport:

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    all mixes suck but Arty remix, breakdown is nice
    Stealing Aga <3

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