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Thread: Claes Rosen - Genuine (with Remixes) OUT NOW

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    Claes Rosen - Genuine (with Remixes) OUT NOW

    Claes Rosen

    01. Original Mix
    02. Jonas Stenberg Remix
    03. Gorm Sorensen Remix

    Supported on radio by Sied Van Riel, Pedro Del Mar, Marcus Schossow, Kris O'Neil, Suzy Solar, Mindgame and many more.

    The ever so melodic Claes Roses has finally come out with a new single after a few months of hard work in the studio. This is one if his masterpieces - a driving prog bomb that never disappoints! Even though this one doesn't sound like his usual stuff, Claes Rosen still makes sure to leave a few melodic trademarks.

    If you're leaning towards the trancier side of music, the Swedish talent Jonas Stenberg makes sure to step it up a notch and deliver his twist on the original mix - and the result is immaculate! It starts off pretty mellow but ends up being a complete trance anthem!

    Last but not least, our friend from Denmark, Gorm Sorensen, gives us his take on how Genuine should sound. Gorm keeps the original elements of the track but gives it the atmospheric touch it needs to be considered a top notch chillout track. Gorm also adds a very harmonic piano to keep it fresh!


    Mark Pledger: Doctor Who takes on The Daleks with this retro progressive number. Orignal mix is a great set starter and my favorite mix but Jonas Stenberg tech trances it up for more full on sound. Like both of them! 8/10
    Serge Devant: Nice driving track. Will play!
    PROFF: Original mix is very cool! Claes on fire again!
    Hernan Cattaneo: Very good!
    Airwave: EXCELLENT mixes!
    Sied Van Riel: SUPPORT!!!
    Marcus Schossow: Will support in my next Tone Diary episode!
    Topher Jones: Diggin this release...will be supporting it for sure. the original and jonas stenberg mixes are my favorite. nice work with this one!
    W&W: Going for the Jonas Stenberg Remix, Jonas always delivers
    Airbase: Stenberg remix is great. Support!
    Ruben de Ronde: MASSIVE!
    Marcel Woods: Like Jonas Stenberg's Remix!
    Joni "JPL" Ljungqvist: Nellie Recordings continue a streak of nice releases with this fine piece of music. Loving all mixes, though the original sticks out for me! 9/10

    Also gained positive response from Ernesto Vs Bastian, Ronski Speed, Andy Moor, Kris O'Neil, Niklas Harding, Talla 2XLC, Manuel Le Saux, Dave Cortex, Bale & Voltaire, Liluca, Bobby Deep, Carlo Calabro, Darin Epsilon, Matt Rowan, Peter Brown, Mindgame, Mitch Alexander, Peter Martin, Jerome Robins, Sasha Le Monnier and many more.
    Kristoffer Ljungberg | Macarize (Label Manager / A&R)

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    def supporting this one

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