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    DJ Name: JavierC_

    How long you have been a DJ: For 2 years now!!!

    Style of music played: Trance / Tech-Trance

    Bio: Hello people im from Caracas, Venezuela this is in South America i believe everyone hears about us thanks to hugo but well its a good reference in this case!!! i love trance muzik since 2004 when i heard Just Be from tiesto it really made a heavy impression in my music taste! before trance i listened loads of power metal bands like Rhapsody and Sonata Artica! but this was really something!! i had to follow trance music!! at first i was only a listener but since 2 years ago i decided to get a little more involved in the trance scene in my country and hopefully the globe!! here in venezuela the tendence is Techno and Tech House.. everyone hears that because i believe they really doesnt know another genre of Electronic Based Music and that is exactly what i want to battle... well im 22 years old and ill keep trying till im dead!! hehe later dudes!!!

    Edit: I got a little exited and clicked post reply without thinking lol!


    01. Aleksey Beloozerov - Northern Lights
    02. Leon Bolier - Medellin
    03. Rob Corbo - Dominos
    04. Bvibes - High land (Shipstad Warren LWY Edit)
    05. Mark Norman - Coffee Break
    06. Synthika - Tech Warrior
    07. DJ Preach - Return To The Source (2009 Remix)
    08. Santiago Nino - Poseidon (Original Mix)
    09. Depeche Mode - Peace (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
    10. Tom Sigmond - Fly Into Eternity (Fausto Remix Nonvocal)
    11. Scot Project - F2 (Future Is Now) (Kamui Remix)
    12. Toltec - Ray Of Hope
    13. Activa pres Mekk V - Embryo (Funked Up Mix)
    14. Svigi - Dawnstar (Shokey Midnight Remix)
    15. David Forbes & William Daniel - Illuminatus
    16. Gabriel Miller - Hide Yourself (Trancefreak Remix)
    17. DT8 Project & Redstar- Destination Awakening (Redstar Mashup)
    18. Abstract Vision & Aquiles and TB - Free Fall (Mark Arbor Remix)
    19. Ilya Soloviev - Universal Universe (Poshout Club Mix)
    20. Indecent Noise - Headlock
    21. Woody Van Eyden feat. Jimmy H. - Y68 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
    22. Cramp - Blurred (Sequentia Remix)

    Download Link:
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