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Thread: Majera - Playground [Addictive Global]

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    Majera - Playground [Addictive Global]

    Unlike alot of other upcoming trance talents, Majera has been taking it easy since he entered the scene a few years ago. He started out by releasing the track "Velvet" on Deepblue which was signed to 4 compilations - quite an accomplishment considering this was at an early stage in his music career (if you can call it that). Since then he's done a few decent remixes but now he's back with a fresh single on Solaris as featured on Solarstone's masterpiece compilation "Electronic Architecture" and now a single on American label Addictive Global. Addictive Global have been taking a bit of a break but just returned with a single from Paul Allen accompagnied by a Komytea remix. Majera "Playground" is number #7 on this very promissing label!

    Original Mix
    Playground is a very light and fresh summer trancer with a buzzing bassline. While the bass keeps the bottom-end hot and steamy the progressive trance melodies are figurating on top. It somehow reminds me of the coldharbour sound from 2-3 years ago. Light melodies with that underlying dark groove.

    Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade Remix
    Ronski's mix sounds alot like some of his other recent work under the Sun Decade guise. A somewhat softer interpretation one might say, but once the bassline gets going, the track bursts some good energy. The chord progression is the same and he's sticking to just about the same synth sounds.

    Both versions aren't too far from each other stylewize but I think the Sun Decade mix would blend in better with todays trance, in a trance mix. I also feel slightly more drawn to his use of drums and bass. The bass which is a driving force in both tracks, just 'moves' better in the Sun Decade version.

    Beatport: 29/09/2009

    Original Mix on Youtube
    Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade Remix on Youtube


    Addictive Global Myspace

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