A timeless adventure through space is not quite complete withought a theme, for this we bring you a melody and atmosphere that can uplift your passage into that magical dimention.

Newcomer Peter is an ambitious Czech producer who naturally reflects his role models Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz and Jean Michel Jarre to name a few. Although he's really young, he has high aspirations and plenty of skill with one current release on beatport through 'Well mixed Recordings' and several tracks already scheduled for release through different international projects.

Space Journey comes with 3 amazing adventures to choose from with remixes by BDH, Azure Desolate and Infinityloop.

***Upcoming Infinity Loop Music Release on October 07, 2009

Previews :

Spark 7 - Space Journey (original mix) : [CLICK]
Spark 7 - Space Journey (BDH mix) : [CLICK]
Spark 7 - Space Journey (Infinityloop mix) : [CLICK]
Spark 7 - Space Journey (Azure Desolate mix) : [CLICK]


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Infinityloop : Infinity Loop
BDH : www.bdh-music.com
Azure Desolate : TerryBarker.com | Under_Construction

Find it at :

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