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Thread: Song title plox?

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    Song title plox?

    Hey I was recently at one of Tiesto's concerts (Kaleidoscope in montreal) And there was this awesome track which I can't seem to recognize and I was hoping that you guys on AH would know it.


    YouTube - Tiesto -- Kaleidoscope World Tour - Montreal 2 octobre 2009

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    o yeah i also recorded this one
    awesome track but i got no ID
    the concert at the bell centre was mindblowing
    one of my fav parts was "Hello? Montreal, can you hear me?" and everyone went craaazy
    *illegible scribbles*

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    I TOTALLY remember that part lol . One of my favorite parts was when he played Louder than Boom I simply didn't stop jumping. Best of all I was right in front of the stage at the barrier :D.

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    Well I just found it it's Strobe by Deadmau5

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