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Thread: Hodel - Last Wish [Perceptive] Out Now

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    Hodel - Last Wish [Perceptive] Out Now

    Young Swedish producer Hodel is making quite a name for himself! He's already had releases with labels such as Enhanced, Conspiracy, Ask4 and now Perceptive. His style is all about uplifting trance and his is sound not far from fellow upcoming talents such as Sean Truby and Avenger. For those who forgot, Hodel delivered a remix collab for Perceptive back i April - which is very much recommended. This single, "Last Wish" comes with a set of remixes from prog producer Andy Tau and one from Anjunabeats favourite Adam Nickey.

    Original Mix
    This is one of those with a strict DJ intro, meaning that the first 60 seconds are more or less only to get the beats in time. After that it picks up the pace and start building up the melodies. Not the biggest fan of piano in trance but the progression of the chords really sucks you in for those few short moments.

    Adam Nickey Remix
    Adam was slayed a bit when he recently released Callista / In Motion, which sounded very much like something Daniel Kandi would dish out. This remix also has a bit of Daniel Kandi inspiration in the background melodies, which still sounds quite nice. Again, the most interesting is the piano chords which stands out in the mix.

    Andy Tau Remix
    This is one heck of a remix from Andy Tau. I've been quite indifferent with his work as of late. I've found it a bit too bland, as something that just keeps on going without really getting to the point. This tune however, has got some really lush prog elements. The pads beautifully covers some of the edges in the track, the bassline sets a good happy mood and the lead keeps on flowing continuesly contributing to a pleasent atmosphere. The xylophone builds up to the peak creating just the right amount of tension and sets off the "bomb" which then slowly fades.

    My favourite is without a doubt the delisciously groovy upbeat progtrancer, the Andy Tau remix. Top stuff and perhaps his best work ever. I might be loosing my interest in uplifting trance - or perhaps I'm just taking a break from uplifting material without being conscious about it, but I'm not really that much into either the original mix nor the Nickey mix. My senses can definetely pick up on the lovely chord progressions, the sharp synths and the pulsing energy but I'm just not that impressed. My own taste/verdict aside, this feels a like a real crowdpleaser and I'm sure it will be well recieved.

    Beatport: 28/09/2009

    Perceptive Recordings -

    Out Now on Beatport:

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    I noticed that my thread had been deleted!

    Please take your flaming, discussion about piracy (pirates f*** off), etc elsewhere! Would be nice if the moderators had just removed the offensive posts by the way.

    Act your age people!

    Anyway, thank you to those who have supported this tune and to those who posted all of those nice comments in the former thread.


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    Still a great release
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    Now available from –

    Also available from the iTunes store.

    Thanks for your support so far.

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    Getting more and more poor, bought the whole release a few weeks ago

    Massive release!

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    "Last Wish" - Original Mix. Is the best song of the year !
    I Love This Track.

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