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Thread: Ehren Stowers - A40 [Perceptive]

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    Ehren Stowers - A40 [Perceptive]

    It's safe to say that Ehren Stowers is a favourite amongst Nick and Luke, the guys behind Perceptive Recordings. "A40" is Ehren's 4th single on the label - remember tunes like "Icarus", "Ocean" and my personal favourite "Both Worlds"? Just like the "Both Worlds" single they've lined up a big remix package including both new artists and familiar Perceptive names. Mystery Islands from Finland, Six Senses from Holland, Danish veterans Michael Splint & Michael Parsberg and Andy Young.


    Original Mix
    The original mix feels nice and tight but it hasn't got any major surprised to be honest. It dives well into the break but also strugles a bit with getting there. It doesn't "blow up" at the pay-off but it spurs some good energy and it has a decent melody. Not a peak-timer but a good quality filler for me.

    Mystery Islands Remix
    Maybe it's just me but this remix feels very flat all around. The ideas a great, the piano chords sucks you in, in that break, but then again, it feels so flat. I remember feeling the same about the "Cold Waters" remix back in 2008. The melody however, is fantastic, and it should please alot of fans out there I reckon.

    Six Senses Remix
    The Six Senses mix gives "A40" a proper power injection, and that's basicly what this mix does. It will be a turn on for the uplifting fans but probably a turn off for the trance crowd that seeks a bit more out of the box thinking.

    Michael Splint & Parsberg Remix
    Both Splint and Parsberg have been in the game for some time, and when Parsberg is involved you're in for a tight mastering for sure. With only 6 minutes in lenght, this mix certainly cuts to the chase quickly but doesn't miss any important points, in terms of build-up or in the fade-out phase. It's a slower, slightly proggy mix with some good melodic flavours rendered from the original mix.

    Andy Young Remix
    A 'progressive' mix from Andy Young, who collaborated with Ehren on "Ocean". The main lead follows some deeper and darker chords with the piano melody on top. He's done a percussive trick, which is kind of hard to explain, but you should notice it in the sample provided - it just feels slightly off, and not too sure whether it fits at all. On a positive note, I quite dig the melody which comes into play in the pay-off.

    I'm feeling some negative vibes in my review this time. I haven't been that much into the last three records from Perceptive, even though I enjoyed the Andy Tau mix on "Last Wish". I still feel like I can recommend the Original Mix and the Michael Splint & Parsberg Mix. Something from both worlds and around average tracks in my opinion. Feel free to check out the clips and let me know your thoughts...

    Youtube clips:
    Original mix
    Mystery Islands mix
    Six Senses mix
    Michael Splint & Parsberg mix
    Andy Young mix

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    Six Senses Remix \o/
    best producers of 2009: Sean Tyas & ReOrder

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    Really like the Six Senses Remix!

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    Now available from –

    Also available from the iTunes store.

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