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Thread: Aerium - Moonflower [Unearthed Red]

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    Aerium - Moonflower [Unearthed Red]

    Having created tracks like Dolphin and with an album already under his belt, Leander Rispens aka Aerium is no stranger to the trance scene. Here we present to you his new single entitled Moonflower, and what a corker it is. With exquisite plucks, subtle strings, haunting vox and an enchanting melody, Moonflower is a prime example of melodic trance at its very best.

    The first remix in the package is by Mysterious Movement. The Mysterious Movement remix takes the track up a notch. With a strong bassline and sweeping pads teasing in the melody, you know it means business. The track harnesses the original melody in a truly epic breakdown leading into some subtle breaks and then into a massive mainsection.

    Next up is Paul Allen. Paul's remix is a great example of his signature techy sound. The remix builds with some excellently crafted percussion and new build lead which is led into the breakdown by a piano riff. The breakdown subtlety builds, introducing the bassline and melody before the climax and mainsection take the track back into its techy groove.

    Rounding up the pack is a remix by Estigma. Estigma's take on Moonflower is a little more laid back than his recent works and it suits the track perfectly. With a great plucky build, reminiscent of the old Chicane tracks, an epic pad teases in and takes focal point into the breakdown before bringing in the main melody and bassline. The track builds into the mainsection which is very euphoric indeed.

    Release info:

    Release date: Beatport Exclusive - 19th October 2009
    All Other Stores - 2nd November 2009

    1. Aerium - Moonflower (Original Mix) [Sample]
    2. Aerium - Moonflower (Mysterious Movement Remix) [Sample]
    3. Aerium - Moonflower (Paul Allen Remix) [Sample]
    4. Aerium - Moonflower (Estigma Remix) [Sample]

    Available from: Beatport, Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown, DjDownload + More

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    Mysterious Movement & Estigma are both nice

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    Aerium on Unearthed nice! \O/ should be interesting!
    when is new Captured Sun track releasing including Cesar Lugo Remix. Veritas Lux Mea , that track is amazing! bassline so totally owns!

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