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    *** OUT NOW ***


    Mirabilis records is here once again to bring you some fresh beats!
    With four successful releases under its belt, it's now time for label bosses Alex & Filip to bring you their new single "Careless".
    This release is big with everyone: Fergie charted it @ No.2 in his September chart, Dubfire, Digweed, Nick Warren, King Unique, APDW, James Talk, Dave Lambert, M.O.D.E., Steve Mac, Reuben Keeney to name but a few!
    The original is a chunky and techy groover with a low-end pulsing bassline, some wierdly funky synth lines, a ravey siren stab and a dirty, over the top chord riff - perfect for the start of your club season!
    The man of the moment, Tom Budden, delivers a rather special remix. This one is reminiscent of his chart topping single "The tree dance" with a clever use of the siren stabs and the chords riff on the main break, plus a wierd bleep all over the track which gives it that funky feel that will make people wanna move their feet!
    Last but not least, we have South London's wonderboy: No Brainer. His remix is all about what house music is today: an infectious groove, driving percussion which builds through the track, cosmic effects & a clever use of a chopped up loop of the original riff.
    Take some time to listen to all mixes, the hardest thing will be to pick your fave ;) !
    Enjoy and thank you all or the massive support o far!

    :::FULL FEEDBACK LIST (in no particualar order!):::
    FERGIE: Lovin the budden mix im all over the tree dance and this will be no diffrent WILL PLAY VERY VERY LOUD!!! 5/5 - Charted @ n.2 in September 2009 chart!
    NICK WARREN: original is the pick of the mixes for me. 4/5
    DEMI (SOS, MoS): Original getting support! 4/5
    DAVE SEAMAN: all mixes are good. i like no brainer mix best. 4/5
    DUBFIRE: downloaded all mixes - 5/5
    JAMES TALK: i like tom buddens mix best, but the no brainer mix is pretty smooth! 5/5
    ALDRIN: Tom's remix is great for opening sets, and the original has a good driving prog groove. 4/5
    JOHN DIGWEED: Good stuff!!! 3/5
    NORMAN ZUBE: No Brainer Remix for me! 3/5
    MATTEO ESSE: Tom Budden Mix is nice. Will try this out. 3/5
    CHLOE HARRIS: i love it. very good music. 5/5
    M.O.D.E.: All strong for us; Tom's mix is the pick of the bunch. Great release. 5/5
    PETER GELDERBLOM: i prefer the Tom Budden remix - 3/5
    STEVE MAC: like all versions!!! 3/5
    HERNAN CATTANEO: sounds really good!
    ALAN FITZPATRICK: great remix by Tom, great stuff!! 4/5
    KING UNIQUE: Liking the Budden!
    TIESTO c/o BEN: Original - 5/5
    MATT SAMUELS: Wicked!!! xx 4/5
    DJ REMIY (GU): Tom Budden's remix is cool! 4/5
    JAMIE MCHUGH: Best release to date - Tom Budden mix is my fave :-) 5/5
    GEORGE DELKOS: all the package is great original is my fav 4/5
    HISHAM ZAHRAN (Dyami, Proton): original and tom's remix for me 4/5
    REUBEN KEENEY (GU, sMACk, Cr2): Orig + Tom Budden remix rocks thanks for this guys. 4/5
    FRANCIS PREVE (Toolroom, Different Pieces): Diggin' the original. Nice! 4/5
    DAVE LAMBERT (Radio FG, HFM Ibiza): Just one word - FANTASTIC (original mix). 5/5
    EDDY GOOD: this will be played on the radio 4/5
    PRESSLBOYS: tom budden is our choice!! 3/5
    ANDY DURANT (Galaxy Fm): Really like the Original mix - will support in our sets and try and give some radio plays.4/5
    RAN SHANI (Big Love, Cr2): Massive! all the mixes are great. No Brainer is my fav. 5/5
    MIKE HIRATZKA: Tom's mix is good for early on or afters, original and No Brainer for mid set. Great production all around, will support! 4/5
    ANDY MOOR: orig is cool but not for my sets. 3/5
    DUBFUNK: All mixes are nice, thx 3/5
    DIBBY DOUGHERTY: ace remixes on this one, loving what tom and jay have done, 2 great mixes that will both be getting alot of plays from me in the coming weeks...full support again from a fast rising label. 5/5
    OLIVER MOLDAN: good package...tom buddens remix is the one i will play out and chart. 4/5
    NEIL MOORE: like it will be adding 4/5
    TED NILLSON: Great groove on the Budden remix! 4/5
    TIM ANDRESEN: Top package and best Mirabilis release so far! All three mixes are stunning. Good work guys! Will burn a CD and support this. 5/5
    MARTIN THOMPSON (Noir music): Nice package boys.nThe dirty little house mix from No brainer just pips the Tom Budden mix for me. Cheers. 3/5
    LOGIZTIK SOUNDS (Emfire, MakTub): Very nice ep! Liked all vesions, and becominng a fan of Budden stuff lately. 5/5
    GABI NEWMAN: Like the groove on Budden's mix!!! 3/5
    KOSMAS EPSILON: wicked pack! loving every single mix and will support, of course. thanks 4/5
    HERNAN RODRIGUEZ: tom budden and no brainer's mixes are theones for me !! will definitely play them out - quality stuff. 4/5
    MARK BALE (Bale & Voltaire): Strong Original. Will add it to my bag! 4/5
    MINIMINDS (Fling, 8sideddice): the tom budden mix for us! 4/5
    STEVE HAINES: Love this track, original for me. 5/5
    MISS NINE: massive release. 5/5
    ALEKSIJ (Ambasada Gavioli): All mixes are great! 5/5
    DOM KANE (MoS, Space): Diggin this! The Original Mix does it for me! 4/5
    DARIN EPSILON: Big thumping groove in these tracks. No Brainer remix is the one for me. Good attention to detail and nice texture in the remix. 4/5
    SEBASTIAN DAVIDSON: Tom is on fire! Tasty release! 4/5
    JAY KAUFMAN: This is a nice chunk of a techy house/progressive. I love the original mix and it will definitely get an airing by me. As expected, Tom Budden delivers. I'm loving
    his stuff as of late and this is a good reason as to why. No Brainer's remix also works a treat. Overall this is a fantastic package and I hope to hear more quality from these
    guys. 4/5
    ONIONZ: No brainer is a winna, Yaay no brainer! 4/5
    TOM MORGAN: Feeling Tom's mix, best thing you've released yet IMO. No Brainer's not bad either. 4/5
    CHRIS MIMO: 3 wicked tracks! I will play all 3 mixes at some point! Great work! 5/5
    JAY COX: all tracks are great but im really feeling the Tom budden mix 4/5
    KENNETH THOMAS (Perfecto): 4/5
    AMIN GOLESTAN: No brainer and Tom Budden's remixes are both great.5/5
    DANNY GRAHAM (Tokio, Proton): Tom's mix is very good indeed. 4/5
    REZA: Sounds interesting, think i might give the original a spin in Belfast this weekend! 3/5
    MARCO G: Fantastic track!!! Tom's mix is mineeee!!! 4/5
    FLASH BROTHERS: Original mix is very well produced tech progressive tune. 3/5
    DUMB DAN: Tom Budden mix for me, great builder! 4/5
    DJ PAULETTE: cool release but not my style musically. 2/5
    AGA HELLER: Not bad, but also not a real stand out track. Nice grooves. 3/5
    AUTOPHASE: Nice release!! The original does it for us. Full support from us on this. Keep em coming!! 4/5
    JUHA NIKKUMA: Mirabilis keeps pushing out good stuff and always with a stunning No Brainer remix in the package. Full support once again! 5/5
    HANS TAVERA: Tom Budden Remix has super style!, No Brainer Remix is Solid and Bomby!.nBig Big Release!! Thank you! 4/5
    JOY KITINKONTI (Radio M2O): Tom Budden remix - nice track! 4/5
    LOJACK: The original is a nice drivin tech house number, good work lads! 4/5
    LEMON POPSICLE: hey friends, really sorry for my delay. like the both remixes...will support...3/5
    MARTIN ACCORSI: Tom Budden's Remix for me. Thanks 4/5
    ANIL CHAWLA: Tom's mix is the one for me on this package. Great sound. No Brainer's is nice too. 5/5 - Played on MoS radio show!
    SERGIO MATTINA (M2O): Really groovy rulez... I play & support it...4/5
    PAOLO MOJO: not really for me this time. sorry 2/5
    DJ JAIMY: Tom budden's remix for me. 3/5
    FILTHY RICH aka SPEKTRE: Tom budden mix is tasty! Cheers!
    LOUIS OSBOURNE (RTE pulse radio): Tom budden mix is tasty! Cheers!

    Download here:

    Download here:

    :::INFO & LICENSING:::
    For info & licensing please contact:
    For Alex & Filip remix & production enquieries please contact:

    ::: Mirabilis records :::

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    also featured in BP's tech house page - under the JUST ADDED tab! ...and played & charted by some more top djs!! check out our myspace @ Mirabilis Records on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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