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Elektrotribe proudly presents the debut album of Error Response.
Zen”, the debut Error Response album mixes mysterious film score with downtempo, trip hop grooves, into a masterpiece of sample based electronica… Lifetime producer, Stephen Arnold (AKA Espion – Bass4Bots Records), gave birth to the Error Response project after many years of producing various styles of electronica, liberated by dividing his work into two categories – from industrial and agressive electro as Espion, to downtempo, trip hop as Error Response. As time went on, the music seemed to take on a path of its own, evoking thoughts of Bladerunner-esque, urban environments, with Japanese samurai vibes. The artwork of SHTL conveyed this perfectly, in his absolutely epic CG art piece ‘Sanctus2K9′.
The album is the first of three parts entitled Zen, Tao and Chi, which have been in production since 2005. The music fuses sampled loops and phrases with complex interweaving programmed rhythms and synthesized melodies, with an organic flow, dropping into ambient sections, or into more fast drum’n'bass sections, while always sticking to the theme of a mysterious, urban samurai, film noir soundtrack, filled with curiosity, intrigue, thrills, car chases, plot twists, gangsters, cops and femmes fatales.

Reviews :::
"A cocktail of only the highest quality dubstep,idm, hip & trip hop, drum n bass, verging on break core! You´ve got to have this one!" L.Napora (Soundrevolt)
"18 tracks of deliciously deep and superb produced... music reminiscent of leftfield, massive attack, photek, autechre and mad professor" Voltergeist (Microraverecords)
"18 frische tracks mit gut gemachtem und vielseitigem Electronica Sounds!" Alex (Housefloor.de)

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