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Thread: Tiesto- kaleidoscope Montreal October 2nd Unknown

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    Tiesto- kaleidoscope Montreal October 2nd Unknown

    Hi there!

    Well I went to Tiesto's new concert in Montreal on october 2nd and i Wanted to know what is the track title of this video\

    We cant really hear anything until you reach 41 seconds so from there you might be able to recognize something

    YouTube - Unknown Song

    Thank you very much for replying

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    i would have no idea...took me while to notice that the camera was sideways :loz:
    bring on the mad beatz

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    lol so anybody knows the title of the song?

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    not sure either, try checking out they have a wealth of information on the tracks he plays at his gigs
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    This is still unknown... All of us over at tiesttracklists are trying to figure it out, hehe. Will probably show up on Club Life at some point soon.

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