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Thread: My own music

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    My own music

    Hi there

    One of my hobbies is music and Iīm doing my own trucks in Trance style
    Iīm still beginner so itīs not good but not bat as well
    So letīs check it out.

    My firs song ever (xD only for fun)

    YouTube - Fruity Trance by Kujar3 (FL Studio)

    the second one was better

    YouTube - DJ Kujar3 - Lovely Land (FL Studio 9 trance song)

    third is not good like the second one I thing

    YouTube - DJ Kujar3 - Road Trance FL Studio 9

    And finaly my last song... I thing Itīs the best one

    YouTube - DJ Kujar3 - When the stars fall (FL Studio 9 trance song)

    And sory for my english

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