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Thread: Trance songs need your reviews !!!!!!

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    Trance songs need your reviews !!!!!!

    DJ Jedi Master here.
    I am an artist producer and want some heavy detailed feedback on my stuff..
    I got some songs that need your reviews !! Of course you can spin em, and they are very dj friendly just scroll to the bottom after you click on the link. or go to to listen and comment, or to download and review too.

    Inspire - use your drug mix Download 2009 10 12 - Inspire use ur drug mix - trance - dj jedi master.MP3 from - send big files the easy way

    Dance with me ( deep dark progy ) Download 2009 9 24-Dance with me- progressive house-DJ Jedi Master.mp3 from - send big files the easy way

    Sounds of Life. epicy trancy non cheesy Download 2009- 9 24- sounds of life - epic trance - Dj Jedi Master.MP3 from - send big files the easy way

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    think I could get some reviews here.. ???? come on peeps post

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