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Thread: Gemini's Edge - Strange Love Out Now!

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    Gemini's Edge - Strange Love Out Now!

    Noel Sanger's Miami-based Dissident Music has been at the forefront of progressive dance music for nearly two years, blending and bending genres as few can. "Strange Love" by Gemini's Edge, Dissident's latest release, raises the bar a notch for the label, while staying true to the label's vision of quality music defying borders.

    Gemini's Edge is a trio consisting of rising vocal star Ilana Harkavy from the US west coast, Classically-trained composer Adam Tas from the UK, and Mike Harrington, whose "Nocturnal City" first appeared on Dissident Amsterdam in 2008 and will see a full release later this year with remixes from Dennis Sheperd and DC Project. "Strange Love" is only the second vocal release on Dissident, and features six distinct versions, each one a different take on Ilana's innocent-yet-worldly lyrics of love, loss and redemption.

    Washington DC's John C has numerous releases to his credit, and first appeared on Dissident with his exquisite big room remake of Noel Sanger's "Natural Perfection". Here, he has achieved nothing short of sonic alchemy, fusing a deeply minimal, drum-led tech-house groove with huge melodic breakdowns, and a complete surprise buildup at the climax. It's absolutely mental.

    Romanian up-and-comer Mihai Christian has seen releases on Active, Neuroscience and Dangerbox to name a few, and here he satisfies the ASOT crowd with his soaring remix: It's progressive, it's melodic, it's trance, and it's damn good!

    Also in the progressive trance realm, but down a different path, Scotland's Grant Trainer starts it off with a gorgeous piano and acoustic guitar break and brings it to a peak with clever 8th note rhythms and swirling synths, all delivering Ilana's vocal to great effect.

    Gemini's Edge-r and Dissident alum Mike Harrington also brings the energy with a progressive electro trancy workout that has already rocked quite a few dancefloors around the world (and evoking the cheers of a thousand satisfied ravers during Noel Sanger's packed set at Ultra Music Festival 2008 in Miami)!

    David Michael, also from Washington DC, has had releases on labels like Sweet Cherry and Witty Tunes, and had support from some of the biggest DJ's in the world. His mix is is a deeper groovy progressive affair, stripped down in all the right places, prominently featuring the vocals and his own enticing melodic elements.

    The Original mix, where it all began, is an uplifting progressive trancer, brilliantly melodic, and an all 'round great tune.

    Greetz & all the best!

    Mihai Christian

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