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Thread: Yamaha Tenori-on

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    Yamaha Tenori-on

    Funny thing this Tenori-on from Yamaha:
    YouTube - Tenori-on with Absynth


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    Little Boots doing the cover version of the classic Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun with the Tenori-On.

    YouTube - little boots BULLET IN THE FUN! cover of planet perfecto
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    My son has a Nintendo DS which has a 'game' called Electroplankton that was written by the same guy who designed the Tenori-On. My son has just started having music lessons but we're thinking of getting him one of these for Christmas if he enjoys his lessons... it's really that I want one to play with but it's a good excuse to pretend it's for him

    They're not cheap but they look really good fun

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