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Thread: RafaŽl Frost - Black Box [Flashover]

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    RafaŽl Frost - Black Box [Flashover]

    RafaŽl Frost has positioned himself as one of the big boys in the trance scene; 1 mix compilation, huge remixes and a style which is perfect for the major "trance rooms". Especially "Red" from earlier in 2009 was really popular and Ferry Corsten even did a remix for the track. It's also not exactly a bad thing to have a contract with Ferry's Flashover label. As for this new release, RafaŽl has produced a track called Black Box, and it doesn't have any relation to Ferry Corsten's Brain Box (as far as I know).

    Original Mix
    Launched with a neat breakbeat arrangement. A silk-like vocal touch floats into the track and the bass kicks in, creating a bit of movement. It escalades after a short break stop where a heavy bass comes into play and leaves its mark in the bottom of the near-silence moment. One now expects the track to return in full force, and this is just what happens. The bass kicks in again (still with the other bass going) and percussion and additional synth lines gets going. Throughout a pro constructed build-up we're lead to the peak of track, which consists of this big supersaw lead. Sadly, I start thinking of all of those big anthem type tracks that you hear at events like Trance Energy. It feels a bit uninspiring to be honest (the lead that is). The track is still banging however and the effects, and different hits adds to such a great atmosphere.

    Red Edit
    The so called "Red Edit" of this track is not far from the original, but it feels much more melodic and the consistency is a little better in my opinion. The first break has been removed. It's a big plus that RafaŽl has chosen to add some melody before and after the climax - outweighs the main lead which didn't appeal to me very much.

    Out of these two editions I most definitely prefer the Red Edit which, in my eyes, flows alot better. The original mix is still tight and would probably work better in the big rooms.

    Release Date: 12/10/2009 (Beatport), 26/10/2009 (Everywhere else)


    Original Mix
    YouTube - RafaŽl Frost - Black Box (Original Mix)

    Red Edit
    YouTube - RafaŽl Frost - Black Box (Red Edit)

    Buy it on Beatport Now:

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    Love the Red Mix, great release!

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