Hello everyone!

So i have a big problem - i cant, just cant recognize this track from [Fatboy slim Live at The Metro, Chicago, 1998-03-03]. Ive tryed many things to find it, but not - its already two years have passed since i start searching.

Here it is for listening Download Help Recognize This Track - MP3 Ringtone Help Recognize This Track by Help Recognize This Track - Music Hosting

It looks like tracklist for this set dont exist in internets, searched everywere.
Also, if it helps. Track contains sample from big pumpin house hit from [Klubbheads - Pumped Up Funk]. Its makes me think, what my track is a one of the remixes on Klubbheads hit. However... Its not help! Because only remixes, that was made its also pumpin house style or house, not big beat or breaks(searched on discogs.com).

The track is a true mystery for me. And I love it too much.
Any help would be much appreciated!