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OMRECS001189 "Thomas DeColita - Falling Down" EP

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Genre: Chill/Down Tempo/Trance
Tracks: (4)

1.Thomas DeColita - The Green Mile(Original Mix)
2.Thomas DeColita - Find Your Dharma(Original Mix)
3.Thomas DeColita - Wanted(Original Mix)
4.Thomas DeColita - Sebastian(Original Mix)

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Thomas DeColita (Oct 2nd 1984 , Norway) is an inventive sound designer,
music producer and DJ who’s been working on sound and music production
since early 90’s. Running across a wide range of genres and styles, his
broad aesthetic inspirations (from dark, ambient, classical, ancient, electrical
to even a glitch passing through a beat) are poetically construed in his
soundtracks and live sets, presenting rhythmical narratives far from prosaic
and rather ingenious and original.

As an artist, Thomas’s originality and agility plus high quality production
presented in his installations and productions, grabbed the attention of fellow
elite DJs and producers around the world proclaiming him as one of the best
upcoming names. And with soundtracks such as “ Trail of tears” , “Obnoxious”
(which filled the second rank on DanceMusicHub.com
for four continues weeks), “Gui Trance” and “Tritonal – Piercing Quiet” remix,
Thomas has gained recognition amongst the world spread fan base of
Trance and Electronic music.

As a DJ, he hold a strong stage presence showcasing vigorous mixing
techniques making him one of the most sought out djs locally and
internationally. Some of Thomas’s sets can be caught on his monthly
radio shows: Serenity on RadioVolum.no and YouChoon on

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